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Jackson Elementary School10

Atlanta, GA | Fulton County


August 23, 2014

I am writing this review in response to the comment written by the AA parent from San Francisco. As I agree with your point that W.T. Jackson is not the most ethnically diverse elementary school in Atlanta, insomuch, a parent who is as involved would have researched the ethnic population as noted on this particular website prior to registration. My advice to AA parents who have children currently attending or are considering Jackson as their school of choice, is to be EXTREMELY involved in the PTA, keep your eyes and ears WIDE open and let your expectations for the treatment of your children be held in the HIGHEST regard, and your experience will be GREAT!

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May 27, 2014

So far I can not say enough about this public elementary school. There is such a positive atmosphere the minute you walk into the door. Kids are enthusiastic, staffers smiling, teachers seem thrilled to be there, what more can you ask? Oh academically the kids are on their toes, due to the high standards. It's an IB school also, and the French teachers are great. Too bad it does not go to 12th grade! Wish I had more time as a working parent to be involved in the PTA!

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April 29, 2014

I am over the moon about Jackson Elementary. My son is autistic and this school has the best special needs teachers. It is an academically competitive school and I love that my son has access to the spirit of academic excellence but not at the expense of embracing him as a whole person. The teachers are just brilliant, effervescently enthusiastic, firm in the best possible way and fun. If I were a kid, I would be so excited to go to Jackson. So glad my son has the opportunity!

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January 25, 2014

I have two girls at WTJ, one in Grade 2 and the other in Grade 5. Our family immigrated to the US 2 years ago and my children happily and easily settled into the school. The PTA and parents are very involved and there is a wonderful sense of committment and community amongst, teachers, administrators, parents and children. My children are both high performers, sweet children and were lovingly accepted into the school. The teachers are very nurturing and attentive and all the teachers are available for consults whenever the parents need to speak to them. Dr Reich, the headmistress, is acutely aware of everything in the school, is up-to-date on the State and district school issues and navigates the public school system with aplomb. The school is amazing and, coming from a country where my children had a high level of private education, I was concerned about public schooling, but all my doubts disappeared at WTJ.

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August 22, 2013

We had a wonderful time meeting the teachers and other staff members of Jackson Elementary. The children seemed engaged and very enthusiastic about learning. Thanks Jackson Elementary Staff and Principle for an overall great experience.

July 3, 2013

WTJ is where my son attends. My observation as my son was entering 1st G was exciting. Safe environment , family focused participation is strongly present. Prim campus was a great experience but my son's 1st G teacher I've learned was her first year at WTJ my opinion her style of teaching was a structured pattern that in some cases left parents and students confused. I 'm positive she wanted all her kids to succeed but with that being her first class teaching at WTJ, it was at times mind bottling. Great tea and wine conversations with other parents, but often I felt no one really wanted to speak honestly, about what they thought the character or learning, or difficulties of the class because of being afraid amongst classroom adults as not being highly liked.

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April 30, 2013

After a decade of sending kids through Jackson, I could not have more respect for the leadership of the principal, faculty and involved parents. My kids have flourished there and gained a strong foundation and are thriving in the K-12 system. I'm happy to support our cluster and can see that family engagement is growing throughout the pipeline because once you get a taste of how good a public school can be, you want to carry it through. Thank goodness it is finally happening in Buckhead.

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April 29, 2013

We moved from San Francisco and wanted to attend the best school in Atlanta. We settled on Warren Jackson and while the setting is incredible (serene and wooded, etc) and the teachers are tremendously caring, there is not much for ethnic diversity at this school. Academically, my daughter thrived, but socially she suffered from not seeing a healthy blend of races and having enough children that looked like her. We are African-American and to put things into perspective, there were 6 second grade classrooms. Each room had 1-2 AA children in each class. I rarely saw any Asians, Indians or Mexican children as well. Very upsetting. I have volunteered in her classroom on several occasions as I am a "tiger mom" who is very hands on. The children I interacted with were extremely well-behaved as I expected, but they seemed afraid to just.. be.. kids. They are afraid to laugh loudly and get dirty and birthday parties are banned.. It was a bit much to absorb. I don't have anything bad to say about the staff- everyone was as helpful as I needed them to be, but finding a school with high ranking academics and a mix of social and ethnic backgrounds seems to be a real challenge in Atlanta.

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May 27, 2009

Jackson is an exceptional school in which both of my children have been lucky to attend. I think one of the highlights of Jackson is when you child moves on to another school. Its at that point you realize how spoiled you were at Jackson. The learning environment is second to none.

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March 19, 2009

W.T. Jackson earned a much coveted 'platinum status' on last year's CRCT results. Jackson is also an 'International Baccalaureate School.' This is public schooling at it's finest. I have 2 children who are receiving fabulous educations, which I feel private schools could not top.

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January 8, 2009

My son graduated from Jackson last year and I have a second son in 1st grade. Great school. Great environment. Dedicated teachers. Two campus which makes environment easier for the kinder and 1st graders. Overall, a great experience.

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July 3, 2008

As an African-American parent with a rising second grader, I have grown to love Jackson - the teachers, staff and administration. Jackson exudes a high level of appreciation for diversity and the kids both feel it and are motivated by it! My son has been a top performer in all of his classes and I am thrilled that my rising K daughter will enjoy the same experience in this socially nurturing but academically challenging institution of greatness!!!

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January 9, 2004

My son just graduated from this National Blue Ribbon school. It is an excellent school, with very strong leadership, and one of the most active and committed PTA organizations I've ever seen. It has almost too much to offer the elementary student and is an excellent choice for any family, particularly one that wants to be involved in their child's school.

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